My Animated GIF Screensaver (MAGS) for MAC

Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 9.52.45 AM.png

I’ve never felt like Mac screensavers were personalized enough. And I wanted to give myself and others the ability to create their own new GIF screensavers for mac.

GIF art is something that is newly being used in DJ sets and night clubs for art and communication.  Curating GIFS into movies is an expression of 2018. It’s a personal expression in 2018.

My Animated GIF Screensaver shows a series of GIFS. GIFS aren’t just one thing. Series of GIFS are a thing and they look really cool together. This is completely different to just like, this picture. Its a slide show of GIFS. It’s like a GIF movie.

I’ve created a free download for anyone with a mac that wants to make GIF screensavers on the Mac. It’s awesome and easy to use.

Here are the instructions.

  1. Find GIFS that you enjoy ( giphy, google images, tumblr )
  2. Put the GIFS into a folder on your computer
  3. Click the link below to download the screensaver.
  4. Double click the file (MAGS.saver) to install it.
  5. Select MAGS in the left pane to set it as your screensaver.
  6. Press the “Screen Saver Options…” button
  7. Press the “Choose a folder with gifs” button and select the folder where you saved the GIFS.
  8. Press the “Ok” button
  9. Press  the “Preview” button
  10. Enjoy!

Download the screensaver file for Mac (MAGS.saver)

Got any questions? Contact Me