Flutter Development 001

 This weekend I delivered a talk on Building Cross-Platform apps with Flutter at the Hawaii iOS Developer Meetup. The talk went well and the audience seemed impressed. With the recent win of doing a great presentation, I’ve decided to blog the development of this Manoa Career Center app here in my blog.

I’ve already built the app in Swift. More than half the smartphone users are on Android. I need to make an app that works on Android. So I’ve decided to use Flutter to develop a single code base that creates a cross platform app.

This app will have 2 audiences: the students and the employers.

Here are the core features of the app:

  • Display a map of the ballroom to show where each employer is stationed.
  • Allow the student to set up a profile
  • Allow the employer to set up a profile
  • Allow the student and the employer to match-make easily. I am considering using QR codes so that usernames do not need to be searched for in the system.

Students and employers are the intended audience for the app:

The employers want to select candidates that are good for their business. Students want to find employers that will be a good fit for them when they graduate from college.

Here are the problems I am planning to solve with the creation of this app:

  • Get students to use the app to save the employers they are interested in talking to.
  • Make sending resumes to the employer as easy as possible.
  • Facilitate a way to get our department a home on the student and employer’s phones.

Do you have any questions about the development of this app? Contact me, I’d love to hear about it.