Hawaii iOS Developer Meetup – Session 43

During this meetup I covered Scene Kit for creating 3D games/apps for iOS. Initially I had planned to focus on physics but at the beginning of the meetup I asked the developers what they wanted to cover and they asked to start from the beginning.

I’m glad we started from the beginning because I was able to learn a few new things. Rather, I learned how to refer to instance variables as properties. I also learned how to talk about the origin of a node, it’s position relative to the parent, and the process of getting world coordinates from that parent node coordinates.

We took the meetup a bit slower this time. I stopped along the way to take questions and a bunch of them came up. I like the crew at the meetup recently because everyone is talking and asking questions.

We only got 2/4 scene kit tutorials done. We might need to loop back around in the future to complete the tutorials. Next week I will be covering region monitoring with CoreLocation. Please RSVP if you’re interested in attending.

Hawaii iOS Developer Meetup – Session 42

We did something new during this meetup. This new something strikes fear in developers – Code Review!

I wanted this particular session to provide an opportunity for the other developers to get used to reviewing their code in public. The idea was that they could bring in a piece of code or a project they were struggling with to discuss, get feedback, and hopefully solve an issue they were stuck with.

I think we have a way to go before this happens. O had a question about a project but was not interested in showing it on the stream. No problem, we paired on it after the stream finished and got very close to solving it.

With no one to offer up code, I brought up the code for an OSS project I had just finished for a contest. I showed how the app worked, did a bird’s eye view of the codebase, and directed the developers to a specific piece of code that was giving me trouble. We paired on that for the rest of the meetup but didn’t really make any progress with the issue.

C said that he really liked this style for the meetup. I will be integrating more code review into future meetups. Next week I’ll be covering SceneKit to do 3D games and simulations for iPhones. Please RSVP if you are interested in attending.

Hawaii iOS Developer Meetup – Session 41

This meetup was a breeze. I’ve been creating SpriteKit games for a long time now and this was easy to talk about. I noticed that the mic had been disabled and only turned it on about 5 minutes into the stream. Please fast forward and you’ll hear the talking.

The most interesting thing that came up in this meetup was the discussion of collision bit masks for physics in the game. Leo asked a question about why the code was using an UInt32 variable for the physics category. I didn’t have the answer off the top of my head and asked Chae to explain. As he explained the solution, the issue grew wider and more complex.

Instead of talking abstractly, I brought out a whiteboard and asked Chae to write out what he was discussing. It was great to be able to see what he was only referring to in speaking.

Once we had a chance to discuss with the whiteboard, getting Leo in on the whiteboarding as well, we were able to reach a deeper understanding of why we would use an UInt32 to set the physics category for the SpriteNode’s Physics body.

No meetup next week. We will be meeting again on the 19th where we will be doing something new. I’m calling it Code Review. I envision developers bringing in their code for critique or help for a 20 minute block of time. Then we can collectively review and suggest solutions and improvements. This could get dicey and intimidating – and so what if it is. We’re gonna lean into it.

Please RSVP if you’re interested in attending the next meetup.