Signed up for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Step one complete. I just signed up to all three big social networks that offer APIs. The process for each of the networks was very easy to sign up.

First I signed up to Facebook:


Then I signed up for Twitter.



Finally I signed up for Instagram.



Next step is prioritizing which API to dig into first. Me thinks I’ll start with Facebook to start accessing that sweet sweet graph API.

Learning the Facebook API

I want to make a page here on my site to showcase how I learned the Facebook API.  I’m about 150 pages through Jaron Lanier’s Who owns the future, and it’s getting clearer and clearer that I need to build a “siren server.”

In Who Owns the Future?, Jaron Lanier posits that the middle class is increasingly disenfranchised from online economies. By convincing users to give away valuable information about themselves in exchange for free services, firms can accrue large amounts of data at virtually no cost. Lanier calls these firms “Siren Servers,” alluding to the Sirens of Ulysses. Instead of paying each individual for their contribution to the data pool, the Siren Servers concentrate wealth in the hands of the few who control the data centers. For example, he points to Google’s translation algorithm, which amalgamates previous translations uploaded by people online, giving the user its best guess. The people behind the source translations receive no payment for their work, while Google profits from increased ad visibility as a powerful Siren Server. As a solution to this problem, Lanier puts forth an alternative structure to the web based on Ted Nelson’s Project Xanadu. He proposes a two-way linking system that would point to the source of any piece of information, creating an economy of micropayments that compensates people for original material they post to the web.

More info as it’s mined.

List of Resources:

Top Graph API videos on YouTube: