Hawaii iOS Developer Meetup – Session 27

During this meet up I showed the developers how to integrate Firebase Auth to authenticate a user of an app. O’Neill asked for a tutorial on integrating AdMob ads last week so we covered that topic as well.

As I was doing the presentation I was thinking to myself, this so damn easy. It used to be so difficult before.

Some questions came up during the meetup regarding: Authenticating users who sign up via email (so no one else camps on someone else’s email address) and a question from Tyler on the need for a password. Both questions are discussed in the video.

Next week Adam Smith is going to give a talk on “Fun with Enums” at the meetup. Please RSVP if you are interested in attending!


Hawaii iOS Developer Meetup – Session 26

Fantastic meetup this week. We covered Firebase Analytics and a host of questions came up. There were questions about Admob integration, the true costs of Google Services, and if Apple keeps a percentage of your advertising revenues.

All the questions that came up are addressed in the meetup video.

For the past 2 meetups the conversation after the presentation has taken longer than the time we have. As a result we have not be able to mob program. I’m eager to get this going again.

Next week we’ll be doubling down on Firebase integration by focusing on User Logins and Admob integration. Please RSVP if you’re interested in attending.

Hawaii iOS Developer Meetup – Session 25

With all the announcements from WWDC 2017, I was eager to get everyone’s opinions on iOS 11, Xcode 9, wireless capability to build to your devices over the air, and my personal passion: ARKit.

I sped through the prepared talk on Bluetooth Game Controllers. Then we had a chance to discuss the new hotness from Apple.

I was surprised that Machine Learning with MLKit and the new Foundation class Coder that allows for easier serialization of data were big items that developers were interested in discussing.

I learned a lot from Jonathan, with his Functional Programming background, Ryan, with his experiences creating and reading JSON in his own projects, and Chae’s deep knowledge of data formatting.

So happy to have this group of developers to discuss, learn from, and guide through our mutual learning of Swift.

We’re covering Firebase Analytics at the next meetup. RSVP if you’re interested in attending!