You want to keep videos short

41cf2syinfl-_ac_us160_“The average video on YouTube is about 3.5 minutes; after that amount of time, people start to lose interest and click away. The longer the video, the more difficult it is for people to pay attention all the way through.” – Joseph McCormack

Video is a powerful tool. But with so much content it’s difficult to watch all those training videos and marketing studies and still have time to make great work.

Users immediately check the duration of a video before pressing play. In a world where clocks tick by in microseconds, a 10-minute video is an eternity. And your customers will abandon your marketing masterpiece for a quick scroll through Vine, Snapchat, or Instagram.

The content might not be as great but at least they know they can dip in and dip out fast.

Studies show that whereas we remember only 10 percent of what we hear and 30 percent of what we read, we remember a whopping 80 percent of what we see. – McCormack

As a content producer you don’t want to take up too much of your users’ time. It’s an impossible ask, almost like jumping into a pool and hopping out without getting wet. But it is possible with this superpower…

Speed up the playback of your YouTube videos

Watch the video below to learn how to speed up the playback of YouTube videos. Now you can watch twice the content in half the time.