I don’t like extra steps. That doesn’t mean I’m lazy or like to take shortcuts. It means that when I see unnecessary steps in a process I remove them. I optimize. I make things more efficient. SendThisToMe was a web interface to send emails to yourself without having to log into your email program.

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When I’m using someone else’s phone, I don’t want to log into my email client. I want to go to a website and send notes to myself. “What were the ingredients in this recipe? What do I need to do when I get home? How do I get to Sean’s house?” These kinds of little notes are essential to optimizing life and making sure things don’t get lost in the process.

I needed a little web service to make sure I could keep my notes organized. While this wasn’t as fully featured as Evernote, SendThisToMe was a simple solution to the same problem.

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