Just submitted my first post to Hacker News

IMG_8933Very happy to have posted my first post to Hacker News. This weekend I hacked together 2 scripts that I have been wanting on my computer for a long time.

Gotta remember next time to post it with “Show HN:” in the future. I have been reading HN for a very long time and it’s nice to have finally posted something up there that I made.

I plan on posting more now that I have an account with my name. I want to get into more discussions on HN and maybe start responding to some questions, or give my feedback on things.

I’m glad that I set it up with my real name. That’ll keep me professional in all of my online comments.


Every single day I start out by creating a new text file with the following headings:





I write for a while in the NOTES section and gather my thoughts freely for about 20 minutes. Once the 20 minutes are up I look through the notes and group the action items into the DOING section. Then I take another 2 minutes to organize this list and prioritize it.

My entire day revolves around this list that I create in the morning. Hackers are lazy right? I wanted a way to automate the creation of this daily text file. So I wrote one up and tested it this weekend.



I was inspired to create this script when I installed ‘fortune’ on my computer. Fortune prints out a cool fortune to the command line. I collect quotes and I wanted to have a quick way to access these quotes.

I created a script that pulls a random quote from a quotes.txt file and prints it to the command line.


Hacker News

There’s a hacker meetup in the new room that I helped to design and create at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I want to showcase these two scripts today.

I have a student assistant that I am working with. My goal is to have him post something on Hacker News by the end of this semester. We are working on a network map in our office.

Rather than have him post something to Hacker News without having done it myself, I decided to post these 2 utilities to HN to see how the process went. It was very easy. I did learn that HN has a limit on how many articles you can post at a time. I am currently waiting to post a link to Journal.


Ideas for Human Computer Interaction Study

mcc-logoI am taking ICS 464  at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I need to come up with a project idea and I want to flip it and use it for my work. I want to be able to write up something that will benefit my employer.

There are a few things that I am interested in updating on our website. I am interested in creating ways to gauge if users are interested in certain parts of our website more than others.

I have looked into the Javascript Observer pattern that records mouse movements and can play them back on page. This is beneficial because you can actually play back a session.

Paid services that provide usability metrics




The best things that these services offer are:

  • Heatmaps – Display where users move their mouse to.
  • Scroll distance calculators –  Show how much of the page they have scrolled to.
  • Jump off points – Show where users get frustrated and leave your website.

I am also interested in how to make our interactive brochure of a website more compelling and interesting to listen to on a screen reader. I want to find out if tags are read out loud or not.

“Know thy users for they are not you.” – HCI Proverb

I want to curate the experience of parsing a page on a screen reader. I want to hear how it sounds on a screen reader. Then I want to see how I can update our website to make the content more inviting; and make the process of doing things on the website easier and less frustrating.

I would like to hire blind beta testers for the usability study.

I would also like to make a checklist for creating a good usability study.

I am currently using Google Analytics on our website. It’s easy enough to integrate into a website with the Google Analytics code. //TODO: Insert link to how to article on integrating google analytics into wordpress.

Potential Usability Targets

Workshop Registration


URL: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/careercenter/students/workshops/


  • More compelling.
  • More engaging.
  • Less tedious.

Career Counsellor Registration


URL: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/careercenter/students/career-counseling/


  • Portray current state of sign ups. What times are still available?
  • Suggest other options after sign up is successful: Sign up for a workshop, learn more about our programs and services, ask a question.
  • Less tedious.

Career Fair Registration


URL: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/careercenter/students/career-counseling/


  • More compelling.
  • More engaging.
  • Less tedious.

Search functionality


URL: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/careercenter/search/


  • More compelling.
  • More engaging.
  • Less tedious.


I am meeting with Professor Suthers today to discuss this project. Once this meeting is finished I am hoping to have refined the area of interest for this project. I also would like to have a clear framework for how to get started.