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Hawaii iOS Developer Meetup – Session 38

No stream for this meetup. They updated the computer in the iLab and the OBS settings were gone. All good though. We managed to have an intimate talk with the five of us developers following along while O’Neil showed us an overview of In-App Purchases, then showed us the cocoapod SwiftyStoreKit.

At the beginning of the talk we discussed Storyboard shortcuts and Chae offered to show us how to do this after the talk. O’Neil sped up the delivery of his talk and we huddled around Chae’s computer at the end so he could show us how to link storyboards within his project.

I think all the developers learned something last night. Next week we’re covering ViewControllers and Segues. There are so many ways to do this and I’m planning to cover as much as possible at the next meetup. Please RSVP if you are interested in attending.

Hawaii iOS Developer Meetup – Session 37

So it happened. My brand new Mac Book Pro 2017 crashed 2 nights ago when I was preparing the code for this meetup on Image Caching Best Practices. Not skipping a beat, I brought out my 2011 Mac Book Air to complete the coding for the meetup.

Unfortunately I was not able to complete the code in the morning before the meetup. So I shared the code that I had for the meetup and prepared an exercise for the meetup members with

In researching for this meetup I determined that the best way to set up image caching is to use NSCache, Save to Documents, and Alamofire.

The idea is go through this process every time you need to display an image in your apps:

  1. Check if the image is in NSCache
  2. Check if the image is in the Documents folder
  3. Download the image with Alamofire

If you’re interested in going further into the nitty gritty of how this works, you can watch our discussion in the video above.

Once I had finished discussing the code I had prepared for the talk, I switched over to the Raindrops exercise on I think the developers really enjoyed working on the code problem together. I’m thinking about making this the warm up at future meetups.

Next week O’Neil is going to deliver a talk on SwiftStoreKit to do in-app purchases in your apps. I’m looking forward to hearing his battle-won feedback and best practices next week. Please RSVP if you’re interested in attending.

Purple Prize Contest – Halfway checkin pupus and planning 

Last night the MaiTai’d team: me, Brian, and Stanley attended the Purple Prize Contest checkin with the Purple Mai’a stakeholders at Halau Inana.

It was good to see Nohea, Kelsey, and Forest from the last meeting. During the checkin we shared our progress with the stakeholders and received feedback on the viability of our project.

I took notes after the checkins and this morning I had a new idea for the project, should we need to pivot:

Backyard sea level gauges for the masses

Hear me out. Putting together disparate pieces of information that I have gathered through talking about plummeting cost of sensors with Brian, seeing how easy this EE was for Stanley, talking to the Fishpond owners at the Loko I’a event a few weeks ago, discussing the conversation from tide date to conservation data, and finally discussing the scaling of the project with Forest gave me “cheerumata” – new eyes in Indonesian.

I’m looking forward to bringing the NOAA tide data from Coconut Island into the graph this weekend. Really looking forward to “drying out” the code that I already wrote to get started on the programming binge this weekend.

Let’s do this! Go team MaiTai’d!

Hawaii iOS Developer Meetup – Session 36

O’Neil’s back from Texas and he led last night’s meetup. There’s no stream for this session as we did not stream and kept the content in-house.

During this meetup O’Neil shared insights into using Instruments, the Xcode profiling software that allows developers to monitor the battery, memory, and networking performance of an app.

During the session we focused on memory management. We reviewed TableViewController delegate code that created a reference cycle due to a partially applied closure that retained cells and imageViews.

Gotta say there’s a lot more to cover in terms of Instruments but after this meetup, I feel like I have a better handle on using the tool to dive deeper into the code I write to make sure there are less memory issues as I build out apps.

I hope O’Neil will prepare another talk on Instruments soon. I want him to cover “Zombie Variables” which are memory objects that have been released too many times.

Next week I’m leading the discussion on Image Caching Best Practices. Please RSVP if you’re interested in attending!