Updating Xcode to run 9.3.1


Ideas for Human Computer Interaction Study

mcc-logoI am taking ICS 464  at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I need to come up with a project idea and I want to flip it and use it for my work. I want to be able to write up something that will benefit my employer.

There are a few things that I am interested in updating on our website. I am interested in creating ways to gauge if users are interested in certain parts of our website more than others.

I have looked into the Javascript Observer pattern that records mouse movements and can play them back on page. This is beneficial because you can actually play back a session.

Paid services that provide usability metrics




The best things that these services offer are:

  • Heatmaps – Display where users move their mouse to.
  • Scroll distance calculators –  Show how much of the page they have scrolled to.
  • Jump off points – Show where users get frustrated and leave your website.

I am also interested in how to make our interactive brochure of a website more compelling and interesting to listen to on a screen reader. I want to find out if tags are read out loud or not.

“Know thy users for they are not you.” – HCI Proverb

I want to curate the experience of parsing a page on a screen reader. I want to hear how it sounds on a screen reader. Then I want to see how I can update our website to make the content more inviting; and make the process of doing things on the website easier and less frustrating.

I would like to hire blind beta testers for the usability study.

I would also like to make a checklist for creating a good usability study.

I am currently using Google Analytics on our website. It’s easy enough to integrate into a website with the Google Analytics code. //TODO: Insert link to how to article on integrating google analytics into wordpress.

Potential Usability Targets

Workshop Registration


URL: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/careercenter/students/workshops/


  • More compelling.
  • More engaging.
  • Less tedious.

Career Counsellor Registration


URL: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/careercenter/students/career-counseling/


  • Portray current state of sign ups. What times are still available?
  • Suggest other options after sign up is successful: Sign up for a workshop, learn more about our programs and services, ask a question.
  • Less tedious.

Career Fair Registration


URL: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/careercenter/students/career-counseling/


  • More compelling.
  • More engaging.
  • Less tedious.

Search functionality


URL: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/careercenter/search/


  • More compelling.
  • More engaging.
  • Less tedious.


I am meeting with Professor Suthers today to discuss this project. Once this meeting is finished I am hoping to have refined the area of interest for this project. I also would like to have a clear framework for how to get started.

Mockup Designs for ICS Lounge

I was tasked with mocking up the murals, policies, and logos in the room. First I’ll show you how the room would look. Then I’ll show you the artwork up close.

I made a conscious decision to keep all artwork away from the Apple TVs and the whiteboards. I believe that we should keep those spaces as clean and pure as possible. I believe that any artwork on that side of the room would be distracting. Before you scroll on, know that this is just my idea for the room, it will not hurt my feelings if we decide to do something different. My main goal is to get some kind of consensus on the room design so that we can go ahead and get it done in the next 2 weeks. Here we go!


As you face the room, the policies document is posted on the door. The logo would be posted from the inside. It would be cut out to allow onlookers to look through the glass and through the logo to see what’s happening inside.


Alcove Wall

Behind the door is Conway’s “Life.” A large XKCD comic is posted on the wall outside alcove 1.


Alcove Wall continued

Entering the space and turning to your left, you would see an XKCD comic on the wall. The ICS logo features prominently on the far left wall.


Left Wall

Another XKCD comic is posted on the wall past the huge ICS logo.


Right Wall

Moving to the right wall we would see another XKCD comic on the green column. And finally there would be a triptych of Linus Torvalds, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates’s portraits above the whiteboard.