Hawaii iOS Developer Meetup – Session 47

Wow, we’re getting so close to 50 meetups! During last night’s meetup I demonstrated installing Homebrew, installing Kitura, compiling a project, running it from Xcode, and accessing localost on port 8080. Then, since Chae had asked about virtualizing the server’s environment, I showed how to install Kitura 2.0 in a Docker container.

During this meetup the set up and demonstration of Kitura was so fast we cut the feed 30 minutes into the meetup because we had already accomplished what we set out to do in 1 hour, in 30 minutes.

Once the feed was off, I asked Chae, O’Neil, Tyler, Leo, and a new developer Makua what they wanted to do for the next hour and a half remaining in the meetup. Leo mentioned that he was interested in continuing with Kitura to build a JSON endpoint. Everyone agreed to the challenge and we spent the next hour setting up a new route, testing the route with GET request variables, and finally getting the JSON endpoint in Kitura to return the current date as JSON. Here’s a link to the repo: https://github.com/Hawaii-iOS-Developer-Meetup/kituraJsonEndpoint001

We’re take a month off for the holidays. Please RSVP if you’re interested in attending the next meetup on January 11 where we will be creating a Sudoku Puzzle Solver in Swift.


Running Kitura 2.0 inside a Docker container on Mac High Sierra

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So it’s about 10 minutes later and now I can access Kitura running inside a Docker container. The final screenshot shows Kitura running inside of a docker image that’s running from the commandline.

I followed the Kitura: Running Inside a Docker container tutorial.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Installing Kitura 2.0 on Mac High Sierra


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I’m preparing for a talk for the next Hawaii iOS Developer meetup. Chae wrote a bunch of Swift code to run on a server. But none of us have created the environment to run it: A server that runs Swift code.

I followed the Kitura “Hello World” example.

That last screenshot shows Kitura running in Xcode in the console. Mission Accomplished. Next step, setting up Docker to run Kitura in a container.

Let me know if you have any questions about this write up.

Hawaii iOS Developer Meetup – Session 46

During this meetup, Leo showed us how he converted his objective C project into Swift. During the presentation he covered many topics – shape views, gradients, container views, page views, and singletons.

I really appreciated the pace and clarity that Leo used to teach us during the meetup. During his presentation I also learned that he uses Sketch to mock up his designs before coding them. This made sense because he’s been saying that he’s going to start working on an Augmented Reality app but needs to design it first.

As the meetup drew to a close, O’Neil raised a question about Leo’s use of singletons to share code between his View Controllers. At the conclusion of this discussion on singletons Chae explicitly stated the following,

“Singletons are for shared data. Protocols are for shared functionality.” – Chae

I love it when, through discussion and questions, we are able to stumble onto a clear and concise explanation for architecture decisions. Looking forward to more of these discussions.

We’re taking a break for Thanksgiving on the 23rd so there will be no meetup next week. We will pick back up on November 30th where we’re going to do something crazy that we’ve been talking about for a very long time – we’re going to install Swift on a linux server with Kitura.

Please RSVP if you’re interested in attending this meetup.


Hawaii iOS Developer Meetup – Session 45

There’s no stream from this meetup to post, well there is, but O’Neil kept his email address prominently displayed during the screen capture and he asked that I not post it online – all good, I just need remember to watch out for this next time.

During this meetup, O’Neil showed us about Container Views. I gotta confess that I have never used a container view, but now that I know how to hook them up, I’m itching for a reason to use one in one of the apps I’m working on.

The way a container view works is that it holds a reference to another view controller and displays that view controller’s content in the current view controller. It’s a lot like picture in picture on a TV.

When you want to change the picture in the picture, you tell the containing picture to change what it’s displaying inside itself.

At the end of the meetup, Leo, asked if he could present at the next meetup. I was ecstatic. He’s never presented before and I really wanted this meetup to be a chance for people to stretch themselves. Glad to see it’s working. Bottom line, and I’m seeing it everywhere, is that you need to raise the expectations for people to give them something to strive for.

Please RSVP if you’re interested in attending next week’s meetup. Aloha!

Hawaii iOS Developer Meetup – Session 44

During this meetup I was planning to go over region monitoring with the tutorial from Ray Wenderlich. I’ve read that the meetup should exist and be directed by the members of the group. Perhaps I took this too far during this meetup.

With the understanding of letting the members direct the meetup, I asked at the beginning of this session what the attending developers wanted to cover: the tutorial or should we just go at it and make it ourselves without following the tutorial. They opted to go at it ourselves without the tutorial.

This was fun and exciting but if I ever do it again, I’ll be sure to spend more time getting ready if the developers choose the second option to go at it and make it ourselves without the tutorial.

I feel that if I could do this meetup over again, I would review the basics of setting up the mapView, getting an explicit list of mapView delegate methods, and have completed/working code ready to cut and paste. I spent way too much time searching online for the code snippets. I felt the dead air. And knew I was wasting people’s time – the worst thing I could do.

Notes for next time, prepare for every direction the talk can go – you’re the one steering it!

Next week O’Neil will be covering container views in Interface Builder. I am really looking forward to this meetup because he’ll be discussing concepts I haven’t had the opportunity to familiarize myself with.

Please RSVP if you’re planning to attend this talk. Contact me if you have any questions or need any directions in finding the meetup location.

Hawaii iOS Developer Meetup – Session 43

During this meetup I covered Scene Kit for creating 3D games/apps for iOS. Initially I had planned to focus on physics but at the beginning of the meetup I asked the developers what they wanted to cover and they asked to start from the beginning.

I’m glad we started from the beginning because I was able to learn a few new things. Rather, I learned how to refer to instance variables as properties. I also learned how to talk about the origin of a node, it’s position relative to the parent, and the process of getting world coordinates from that parent node coordinates.

We took the meetup a bit slower this time. I stopped along the way to take questions and a bunch of them came up. I like the crew at the meetup recently because everyone is talking and asking questions.

We only got 2/4 scene kit tutorials done. We might need to loop back around in the future to complete the tutorials. Next week I will be covering region monitoring with CoreLocation. Please RSVP if you’re interested in attending.