Flutter Development 002

Alright, today I’m getting the app started. I’ll first write out what I’m planning to achieve today. Then I’ll list out what I actually got done. I’ll include any problems that come up. And I will list out any solutions that I have come up with since the last blog post.

What I’m planning to achieve today

Today I am planning on setting up the bare bones project with the Flutter Create command. Once I’ve got that done, I’m planning on running the app on both platforms to take a photo to show that it’s working.

What I got done today

Today I set up the flutter app with flutter create. I opened up the project in Android Studio. I want to use IntelliJ IDEA to code the app but I believe my student license is going to run out so I might as well learn the ins and outs of Android Studio because it’s a free program.

I also created a repo for this project and uploaded it to Github.

Problems that came up

The setup process took about 10 seconds. I’ve created a few flutter apps before. So I know the basics. Things will start to ramp up as I start to investigate Flutter packages that I haven’t used before. Stay tuned for more problems, they are all but guaranteed in development 🙂

Solutions to problems that came up

During the course of this project I will be using a variety of resources. I will list them here as I come up with solutions to problems that come up.

Thanks for joining me on the second blog post on Flutter development. Read Part 1 if you’re interested in the goals of the project.

Author: David Neely

Professional Software Developer. Technology and Web Coordinator at the University of Hawaii's Manoa Career Center.