Hawaii iOS Developer Meetup – Session 50

Well, we finally made it to 50. I’m going to hold off on emailing the rest of the nearly 100 developers that belong to the group. I’d like to hold off on emailing them until we hit 52 meetups. In that email, I’m planning to list out all of the topics we covered with links to the videos I’ve been posting for the past year.

During this meetup I stuck to the new format and had the developers pair off to complete the task of the week for 30 minutes. Then after they finished we came together and completed the task together.

The way I see it, each developer is coming to the meetup to show what they know and learn what they don’t know. The fastest track there is to get them to code with other developers – people they don’t really know. I’ve found that in my own experiences pair programming, there is a long curve to feeling like an imposter.

Then after about 20 sessions of pairing, you start to learn the edges of your own competence by identifying exactly what I need to work on.

Next week I’ll be covering RXSwift and how we can created variables that listen for any changes to their state then automatically update all instances of the variable and any UI connected to the the variable.

If you’re interested in attending this meetup, please RSVP.