Hawaii iOS Developer Meetup – Session 51

During this meetup I covered a complicated topic – RXSwift. Last month my friend Nick shared that he was interested in learning RXSwift to allow him to create a datamodel then have RXSwift update the UI whenever the datamodel changed.

Nick’s put a lot of things on my radar that I would not have studied so closely. RXSwift is exactly that. I spent the week reading articles and watching videos.

There’s a saying, “The only  way you’ll learn is by watching. So watch.” The best video to understand how this all works was RXSwift In Practice from the RW DevCon. The best article I found explaining how RXSwift works was Casey Liss’ primer on RXSwift. I went through all 5 parts of the primer 3 times.

Last night, I delivered the talk on RXSwift to Chae, Tyler, and Andrew.

While I’m no RXSwift master at this point, I’m looking forward to integrating RXSwift into my projects on a regular basis – like I’m trying to do with higher-order functions.

Next week O’Neil will be explaining how he used Core Data to store user times in his Rubik’s Cube app. Please RVSP if you’re interested in attending.


Author: David Neely

Professional Software Developer. Technology and Web Coordinator at the University of Hawaii's Manoa Career Center.