Hawaii iOS Developer Meetup – Session 27

During this meet up I showed the developers how to integrate Firebase Auth to authenticate a user of an app. O’Neill asked for a tutorial on integrating AdMob ads last week so we covered that topic as well.

As I was doing the presentation I was thinking to myself, this so damn easy. It used to be so difficult before.

Some questions came up during the meetup regarding: Authenticating users who sign up via email (so no one else camps on someone else’s email address) and a question from Tyler on the need for a password. Both questions are discussed in the video.

Next week Adam Smith is going to give a talk on “Fun with Enums” at the meetup. Please RSVP if you are interested in attending!



Author: David Neely

Professional Software Developer. Technology and Web Coordinator at the University of Hawaii's Manoa Career Center.