Hawaii iOS Developer Meetup – Session 9

Another great meetup at HICapacity in Manoa. The topic of the night was Git workflow and TDD.

I was happy to share my experiences with TDD during most of the meetup. I took a poll at the beginning of the meetup to find out who was familiar with git. All hands raised. I pivoted the talk from easy git commands to the one that I have used the most:

git reset –hard ALPHANUMERICHASH

I’ve used this single command so many times, I thought it was the most important part of using git. And I wanted to share it. So I did.

We ran into a few issues during the meetup. I created a folder with the swift project on my computer. I initialized the project with a git repo on the computer.

Then, after I had finished adding the files and creating a commit, Tyler mentioned the need to push to github to keep the files backed up. Tyler made a good point so I logged into my github account and created a new public repo.

I started going over the merits of github, the little green squares, issues, the ability to share OSS with other creators, etc. Then, right before I was about to finish creating the repo we started discussing the dropdowns for .gitignores and a license.

Having discussed the .gitignore and different licenses, I had to create them for this repo. Unfortunately, we ran into pull and merge problems when I added the github origin to my local folder being managed by git.

I ended up moving the files to a different directory on my machine, rm -rf’ing the .git in my folder, initializing git again locally, adding the origin, pulling the changes, moving the project files back into the directory, adding the files to git, and finally committing them.

Only after all that reconfiguring, was I able to successfully push my files to the newly created repo. Still working on best practices. Happy for the opportunity to work with a bunch of great iOS developers in a group setting.

If you’re interested in attending the meetup, please RSVP on the meetup page.


Author: David Neely

Professional Software Developer. Technology and Web Coordinator at the University of Hawaii's Manoa Career Center.