HoloLens is… meh

The other day I met with the MemoryDump crew at the Lava Lab. Anna and Brian are taking a high level elective that focuses on VR and the’ve had access to the new Oculus, Vive, and HoloLens all semester. I was eager to try out this new tech when we met in the lab.

I’ve been watching HoloLens developer videos on YouTube for a few months now. The way the HoloLens is marketed is kind of cringe-worthy. The experience of having it on is nothing like it’s advertised to be. Putting it on made me think, “This feels like a larger Google Glass – underwhelming.”

While the build and feel of the hardware is solid and top notch, the technology is lacking in the following ways:

  • Frame of view, while considerably larger than the Google Glass was limited and kind of lame.
  • The touch features require you to be looking at the object you wish to interact with.
  • When you pull windows to place them in 3D space, they aren’t as precise as I want them to be.

In order for the HoloLens to succeed, it needs to offer at least 180 degrees in the field of vision.


Author: David Neely

Professional Software Developer. Technology and Web Coordinator at the University of Hawaii's Manoa Career Center.