Hello World

shutterstock_220650781Interests in software engineering

I am interested in the impact of technology on the psychology of its users. I have a reminder on my phone that goes off at 8:30pm nightly to “Turn off all screens.” That way I get rid of the blue light that keeps everyone in the modern world awake. Their minds buzz buzz buzzing to the tune of youtube loading screens and mac spinning pin-wheels.

I am also interested in Jane McGonigal’s Gamificaiton of the world. I want to build games that contribute to the edification of the modern user. I want to leave users with something interesting in their lives. I want to enrich them with short bursts of challenges. I believe in games and their power to persuade users to live better lives. I want to advance the progress of calm technology.

Skills I hope to develop

As I get better at Software Engineering, I hope to be able to create MVP’s more quickly. So I can test my ideas out with beta-testers and get their feedback more quickly. I want to implement analytics in a fast way to get the feedback that will allow me to find out if this idea is a winner or a dud. Then if it’s good, I want to polish it and add features and make it better.

If it’s a dud, I want to move on quickly and start something new. I have a ton of new ideas in my head. I want to get them out to the public faster so I can build up a strong presence online and be seen and looked to as a mentor for future programmers.

Experiences I hope to have

I hope to develop new experiences to learn how to deal with people in the modern world. I read a lot and I hope to get more book recommendations as I move along and figure out new things. I’ve been wanting to take ICS 613 for a long time.

There are gaps in my knowledge. I feel that I am weak in Information Security. I want to squash them and have nothing to hold me back from contributing to a thoughtful discussion of software development, the impacts of technology, and the potholes we need to avoid in creating the future. I want to meet more people who are interested in software and find out how I can help them get their dreams shining on the machine.

Author: David Neely

Professional Software Developer. Technology and Web Coordinator at the University of Hawaii's Manoa Career Center.